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Trashhand shoots for I Love Ugly

Trashhand shoots for I Love Ugly

We are humbled and excited to announce we've been working with established urban photographer trashhand on a two part lookbook. 
The lookbook is shot in London and Stockholm and features our May and June collections respectively. 
trashhand was inspired by the history of Europe and said he picked these two cities for "their very unique undergrounds and beautiful architecture at street level". trashhand felt that these cities enabled him to show that I Love Ugly’s "classic modern looks are timeless, and will work in the world's oldest streets to the futuristic underground that we travel in." 

He felt London and Stockholm were an interesting contrast as “they both started as this same type of city, but London has grown to become the massive international city that it is today, while Stockholm remains very traditional and small. London is beginning to lead the world in some of the best architecture out there and that starts in the streets and bleeds all the way into the underground. Stockholm is very traditional and classic looking with an unbelievable subway structure.” The first part of the lookbook will be released early May. Here's a preview. 
Stay tuned. 
Photography by: Trashhand 


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