The KIDS Campaign Lookbook

Every brand has a story to be told and a responsibility to do something good in this World. At I Love Ugly we are passionate about people fulfilling their dreams and doing something out of the ordinary. We believe every person has a giant within them that's waiting to be unleashed. Our goal since day one is to inspire our customer to tap into that. We started from nothing, selling t-shirts out of a bedroom nearly ten years ago. A few years ago we nearly lost it all, but we pushed through and got back on track when all odds were against us.

Now, we’re not saying that we are unique or this story is any different from the next person or brand or sports team striving for success. We are also not here to confuse you into thinking that success is a ten step linear process like a lot of that other ‘motivational’ click-bait out there. Our goal is to make you understand that if you’re aiming for the moon, then mistakes are inevitable, the trip ups, bumps and bruises are the norm, and when life kicks you in the face, you can either stay down or kick it back.

We believe this campaign represents everything we stand for as a company. We used children to speak these words because you would usually only expect a mature adult to say these things. Having a child say it makes it seem like common sense. However, common sense isn't very common in the world we live in today. We will be releasing 3 videos as part of this series with the aim to give you value, inspire and wake up that giant within to begin today, not tomorrow, and definitely not next week. 

View the KIDS Campaign three-part series here

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